Promotional items production

  • coasters
  • labels
  • magnets
  • printing promo items
  • textile printing and embroidery
  • cutting plastic, cardboard
  • graphic studio

Ask us for the current offer of magnets.

Coaster - print on one side, cork on the other
Coaster - print on one side
Coaster - print on both sides

Ask us for the current offer of labels

Ask us for the current offer of magnets.

If you decide to take up one of our suggestions, we will be pleased to design and implement your requirements.

Technologies of printing promotional items:

  • Tampo printing: Printing technology suitable for common promotional items (pens, lighters, key fobs). Printable materials: plastic, wood, glass, ceramics, metal and others
  • Screen printing: Printable materials: plastic, ceramics, textiles, metal, glass and others
  • Transfer: Printable materials: textile, glass, metal , paper, wood , plastic, foil and more ...

We can provide engraving of more luxurious promotional items such as metal pens, key rings, glass ...

T-shirts, hats, baseball caps, sun shields, bags, workwear etc.

Production, printing and cutting-out of plastic and cardboard

Advertising is a powerful tool of communication between the company and the customer. Advertising is currently considered the most effective form of presentation of products and services. That is why we provide complete graphic design studio services from design to actual implementation of commercial production.

Design and implementation of a logo, compiling of a logo-manual

  • simple and concise
  • easy to remember
  • original and interesting

Large advertising

  • posters
  • advertising boards
  • stickers


  • catalogues
  • letterheads
  • calendars
  • brochures
  • leaflets
  • business cards