List and characteristics of the fragrances

Holiday - fruity - floral fragrance of summer days
Mystery - mysterious monschus - amber scent with undertone of rare woods
Orchid - scent of exotic orchid with a light touch of vanilla
Strawberry and cream - fragrance full of flavors of juicy strawberries and cream cream
Tropic - pleasant scent of tropical fruit
Vanilla - sweet smell of vanilla
Lemon - fresh scent of lemon
Coconut - sweet scent of coconut milk
Musk - oriental fragrance, woody
Apple - smell of green apples
For-men - pleasant cooling scent
Levander - pleasant fragrance soap
Exotic - musk - fruit scent
Lagoon - delicate scent of sea flowers

Citrus - fresh scent of citrus blossoms
Papaya - delicate scent of exotic fruit papaya
Grapefruit - fresh scent of grapefruit
Sport - fresh, thrilling scent of citrus and flowers
Fresh - refreshing scent of flowers and citrus
Marco Polo - attractive oriental fragrance with woody musk tone
Grapes - sensual aroma of black grapes, fresh and harmonious tone of grape bath
Ice - cool scent of sea foam and ice from sea waves
Sandalwood - scent of sandalwood and patchouli luxury, captivating and enjoyable
Leather - interesting smell of freshness and luxury
Melon - fresh scent of melon
Mitico - romantic, exciting scent of wood
Tabacco - tempting scent of tobacco and well-being
Strawberry - sweet smell of strawberries