Personalized air fresheners

Personalized air fresheners are providing a sensory delight to our consumers. They are ideal carriers of your company’s symbols. They are advertising items, which delight the eye and are always “in sight”. If you feel inspired by our designs, ideas and our product range, we will gladly prepare an offer specific to your project or advertising campaign.


Costs estimation

Car spare parts, car repair shops

Would you like to become known via promotional item which brings enjoyment to driving experience of your customers?

Car sales shops

Promotional item with wide range of use, variability and effectivity.

Financial institutions

Advertise your services with fragranced advertising item.

Editions for special occasions

Grab the opportunity to capture senses of your customers and use fragrance to guide them towards your company symbols.

Trading and logistic firms, manufacturing companies

Would you like to reward individuals attending a marketplace? Would you like to reward them with a practical promotional item which represents your company?


Are you looking for an interesting advertising item to carry your company symbols?


Suitable present for your customers, it attracts their attention to products and services of your company.

Petrol stations

Reward your customers with a fragrant gift.

Car wash valet companies, car dealers

Highlight your services via suitable promotional item